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The most efficient way to organize.manage.scale.

We connect businesses, customers and couriers to revolutionise the way goods are transported in cities.


Green Clean and Lean deliveries for the SMART communities we care about.
Parcel Universe is a nation-wide delivery and logistics tech provider. We create customized delivery solutions to help businesses to improve their customer experience by organizing and managing reliable, on-demand, cost-efficient mail and parcel delivery networks.


Understanding that every business has unique customers and development goals, our mail and parcel delivery platform creates opportunities for businesses to integrate and adapt to their needs wide different modules to answer every specific challenge while optimizing the delivery workflow.


Parcel Universe Route Optimization Software optimizes the workload of creating cost-efficient delivery routes and allows your operational managers to concentrate on important management tasks. By AI calculation of distance between pick-up and drop-off location, couriers’ costs, and availability of vehicles our solution provides the tools to organize business deliveries in the most efficient and cost-cutting way.


The Premium Delivery software has been designed to meet the on demand needs of the businesses and end-users. Implementing a Premium Delivery platform into your company is fast and easy.
Integrate our customized delivery solutions and react in a vigorous way to market challenges and customer needs with our delivery management control dashboard.


A smooth delivery process ushers delighted customers and creates long-term brand loyalty. Easy to use customer app provides up-to-minute updates of delivery routes and real-time visibility of courier’s geo-location.  Advanced chat features of our delivery apps meet more and more demanding customer needs for a more transparent and more controllable delivery process.


Tailor-made reports provide you with options to track and analyze all relevant information and numerical data for each delivery. Our relevant performance metrics across the logistical ecosystem, so you can take action and keep delivery operations running at optimal efficiency.
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Who We Are

Parcel Universe is an American Corporation providing on-demand, easy to integrate delivery Management Solutions. We create solutions fully customized to the business or users needs from urban on-demand, real-time tracking deliveries to a comprehensive delivery organization platform.
We can work with clients in different markets. We provide services for bulk mailers, traditional postal and parcel operators, commercial couriers, third party freight forwarders, or local hospitality business.  We provide a salable solution that could be easily integrated with the existing transport infrastructure or to connect your shipping location and delivery needs to an independent network of agile couriers around the globe.