Bring your restaurant menu at your customers dining-rooms

The absolute on-demand delivery app for your restaurant

Intuitive courier app controls and collects data for every mile of every delivery. Safe food mode and contactless delivery protocols preserve the food quality and food safety from your restaurant to your home. You can use Parcel Universe fleet for your restaurant deliveries but, you can also easily turn your staff into couriers, or include new couriers as needed to deliver and preserve the mastery of your meals.
Our Premium Delivery App features include:

  • Instant link to a network of geo-localized trained couriers from 10 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week
  • Instant deliveries to your customers in a time frame of 1 hour
  • Carbon Neutral Priority deliveries
  • Instant billing for every delivery route

The ultimate solution for your B2B delivery needs

Our couriers are food perfectionists too

Our couriers are following food quality delivery protocols and we deliver using state of the art insulated food delivery containers.

Brokerage free model

Our pricing model is based on the mileage between pick-up and drop off location. You pay only for the deliveries, and we don’t charge any extras on the meals or promotion options.

Faster than you ever imagined

We pickup and deliver all your meals in less than 30 minutes

White Labeling to integrate your online menus

Parcel Universe platform could be customized with built-in options to facilitate new revenue streams creation, faster ROI and customized reporting and data analytics for your business.

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