Parcel Universe E-commerce and Retail Delivery Solution

Parcel Universe for e-commerce

Our flexible and multi-modular delivery solution could be customized to e-commerce delivery needs but it could be fitted for the traditional brick and mortar, retail business too. We are aware that each business is unique. That is why we are willing to work together with partners to gain insights enabling us to build a customized delivery solution to bring the most of your business potential.

  • On-demand, 30’ slot nationwide
  • Slot booking via SMS in 2 clicks
  • Real-time tracking along the way
  • White labelled fully customisable return portal

On-demand courier-sourcing to achieve your Business goals

Smart Tracking

To be able to know the exact location of the delivery items along the delivery route in real-time, provides your customers with the level of transparency and clarity needed to build brand loyalty. Merging additional data about the items, couriers, and vehicles is providing a higher level of business efficiency and end-user satisfaction.

Last Mile solution for the businesses and people on the move

Providing the best end-customer delivery service is the modern logistics challenge. Parcel Universe last-mile solutions are providing an answer to this challenge, going a step further by providing solutions for return orders too.

Real time up to the minute updates and customer control options

Using in-app chat options customers can communicate with couriers in real time and get continuous up-to minutes updates on your courier location or ETA.

Reveal your store to wider markets

Parcel Universe eCommerce API can help you rebuild your shop into a smart cloud-based network of partners and storage locations around the globe opening up for the new breed of customers able to enjoy same-day deliveries managed by themselves.

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