Professional services

Power your offices with on-demand deliveries

Better Deliveries for a On-Demand Services

Constant change of customers’ needs is the factor that drives businesses to adapt the mode of business communication and the way they provide professional services. Professional Services Industry looks for a more transparent and more efficient way of offering their services to end-customers across the service flow.
Our delivery solutions help the service industry to take full control of their performance with real-time data integration on one single platform using smart and tech-advanced options to integrate with any service provider.

  • Choose instant or scheduled deliveries
  • Set up multiple deliveries at once
  • Select your preferred transport type – bike, moped, car
  • Receive real-time quotes for all your jobs
  • Proof of delivery upon arrival
  • Outsource your logistics to industry leaders

On demand delivery for your office from everywhere

Couriers at your fingertips

Build an exquisite image for your office and services by improving every aspect of your services using highly professional and trained couriers able to dispatch and deliver your office documents in a matter of minutes. Providing perfect service timing you can eliminate the support costs and you can build a branded delivery system as an added value of your service performance.

Pre-Pay Price Quotation System

Instant and automated price quotation system based on mileage between pick up and drop off location. No subscription rates or extra charges.

Instant Delivery for Bulk Mailer`s Office

Flexible platform easy to integrate with your every-days need for bulk mailing options. On-demand and same-day deliveries for different drop off locations. Advanced Bulk mail orders directly from your document database.

Comprehensive archive of your required proof of delivery records

With a fully customizable PoD option you can control your customer`s specific needs for providing and keeping reports for proof of delivery records. Our solution provides automatic processing of different types of delivery proof records.

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